Chatsworth, CA – WEBWIRE – May 29, 2020

While some structures have been burnt to the ground, others have remained standing with varying degrees of smoke damage. Some of these commercial and residential properties are miles away from the actual flames as thick smoke from these wildfires can be carried great distances.

“Wildfire smoke is made up of a number of combustion by-products that may include ash, soot, char and other materials,” said Franco Seif, President of Clark Seif Clark, a leading fire and smoke residue consulting firm. “These substances can easily infiltrate a structure and leave behind odors and residues within the property.”

Residues left behind from wildfire smoke can cause concerns that could impact the health of building occupants, damage materials and even lower property values.

While property insurance often covers this type of damage, it is frequently left to the property owner to provide proof of damages. Clark Seif Clark offers testing services to scientifically determine the presence of smoke residues and to help ensure that any smoke damage remediation work is done properly.