Just wanted to let you know how much you and all your team mean to us at HH.
You guys are the best and we appreciate your willingness to always make it to our projects regardless of your workload. In addition, please allow me to bring to your attention how grateful we are that Robert is part of the team. Robert has done such an outstanding job for both CSC and HH at the Air Force Base. He has done a great job performing the inspections and then immediately getting the updates sent out. The extreme dedication and thoroughness Robert portrays in uncommon in the workplace (but quite common at CSC). I am often times amazed at your and your staffs great attitude regardless of time of day or day of week when our firm calls for your help. Never has any member of CSC acted too tired or too busy or too put out when called upon. We love Paul and Kirsten and Melissa and Randall and Robert! Thank everyone for us!