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Newsletter 2022

December 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, OSHA’s New Top 10 Citations List + More

October 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Mitigating Occupational Exposure Risks to Leptospira + More

September 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, USGS and CDC Study Estimates 2.1 Million Americans Using Private Wells with Elevated Levels of Arsenic + More

August 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Asbestos, Lead and Other Exposure Hazards Encountered by Firefighters and Fire Damage Cleanup Crews + More

June 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, OSHA Launches National Emphasis Program to Protect Workers from Heat Hazards + More

May 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Dermal and Respiratory Exposure to Chemical Hazards in the Workplace + More

April 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Global Asbestos Awareness Week and Exposure Risks + More

March 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Creating IAQ Issues and Residues + More

February 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Private Wells and Potential Contamination Issues + More

January 2022 – CSC EHS Newsletter, OSHA’s New Top 10 Citations List + More

Newsletter 2021

December 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Preventing Frozen Pipes and Water Damage in Homes and Buildings + More

October 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Ocular Infection Risks in the Workplace and the Importance of Eye Protection

September 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Tips to Protect Homes and Buildings from Flood Damage

August 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter, Mold Clean Up Tips from the CDC to Help Property Owners Following Water Damage

July 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter, PCBs in Aging Fluorescent Light Ballasts a Potential Threat to Students and Other Building Occupants

June 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter

May 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter

April 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter

March 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter

February 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter

January 2021 – CSC EHS Newsletter

Newsletter 2020

December 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

November 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

October 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

September 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

August 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

June 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

May 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

April 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

March 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

February 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

January 2020 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

Newsletter 2019

December 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

November 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

October 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

September 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

August 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

May 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

April 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

March 2019 – CSC Environmental Newsletter

Newsletter 2018

December 2018 – Understanding Which Asbestos-Containing Products the Federal Government has Banned

November 2018 – Respirable Particulates, Airborne Contaminants and Lung Cancer Awareness Month

October 2018 – National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week and Protecting Families and Workers from Exposure Hazards

September 2018 – Exposure to Fragrances and Perfumes in the Work Environment Could Cause or Exacerbate Asthma

August 2018 – Safe + Sound Week and Protecting the Nation’s Workforce from Exposure Risks

July 2018 – CMS Publishes Requirements to Reduce Legionella Risks in Healthcare Facility Water Systems

April 2018 – Pathogens, Antimicrobial Resistance and the Importance of Surface Disinfection in Healthcare Environments

March 2018 – California’s Rule 1466 to Control Toxic Particulate Emissions from Earth-Moving Operations is in Full Effect

February 2018 – General Industry and Maritime Operations Prepare for OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Standard Enforcement

January 2018 – Identifying Concerns Associated with Exposures to Elevated Levels of Indoor Mold

Newsletter 2017

December 2017 – OSHA’s Most Frequently Cited Violations and Preventing Injuries, Fatalities and Costly Noncompliance Penalties

November 2017 – Veteran Environmental Consultant and Professional Geologist is the Newest Addition at Clark Seif Clark

September 2017 – Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Deliver Catastrophic Property Damage and Indoor Environmental Quality Issues

August 2017 – Construction Companies Prepare for OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Standard Enforcement

June 2017 – Protecting Workers from Exposure to Diacetyl and Other Respiratory Hazards

May 2017 – Construction Projects in Occupied Buildings and Indoor Environmental Quality

April 2017 – Protecting Workers and the Public from Solvent Exposure Hazards

February 2017 – Three Construction Workers Lose Their Lives after Entering Manhole

January 2017 – Occupational Airborne Hazards and the Importance of Proper Respiratory Protection

Newsletter 2016

November 2016 – Aspergillus Exposure Concerns in Moldy Residential, Commercial and Healthcare Environments

October 2016 – Identifying and Preventing Exposure Risks to the Growing Number of Superbugs

August 2016 – Indoor Water Leaks can Quickly Result in Mold Issues and Termite Infestations

July 2016 – Workers in Some Industries Could Expose Family Members to Asbestos

June 2016 – New Workplace Crystalline Silica Requirements Begin this Month

May 2016 – Preventing Workplace Soft Tissue Injuries and Cal/OSHA Requirements

April 2016 – Clark Seif Clark Celebrates 20 Years of Environmental Consulting Services

March 2016 – Hexavalent Chromium Requirements in the Workplace

February 2016 – Veteran Certified Industrial Hygienist the Newest Addition at Clark Seif Clark

January 2016 – Fall Property Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Common Indoor Environmental Quality Issues

Newsletter 2015

November 2015 – Fall Property Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Common Indoor Environmental Quality Issues

October 2015 – Occupational Allergens May Exist Everywhere from High-Rise Office Buildings to the Factory Floor

October 2015 – OSHA Imposes Costly Asbestos Violations for Two Affiliated Construction Companies

July 2015 – Commercial Property Damage Claims Can Reveal Unexpected Indoor Environmental Exposure Risks

June 2015 – Seasoned Environmental Expert & Forensic Engineer the Newest Additions to Clark Seif Clark

May 2015 – Demolition Projects and Air Quality Concerns for Workers and Nearby Residents

April 2015 – Identifying Indoor Pollutants to Help those Suffering from COPD

March 2015 – Laminate Wood Flooring Sold Across the USA Could Exceed California Regulated Formaldehyde Emissions

February 2015 – TCE Exposure Risks Due to Vapor Intrusion & Other Pathways

January 2015 – Mold Often Follows Water Damage from Burst Frozen Pipes

Newsletter 2014

November 2014 – Indoor Air Quality & Energy Efficiency in Schools the Focus of New EPA Guidance

October 2014 – San Diego Fined for Failing to Properly Enforce Storm Water Regulations

September 2014 – New Cases of Occupational Asthma can often be Prevented

May 2014 – PCB Hazards Still Exist in Some Older Buildings and Materials

April 2014 – R&R Magazine Features Article from Prominent Indoor Environmental Quality Expert

March 2014 – Indoor Environmental Expert Shares His Experiences with IAQ Radio

February 2014 – Environmental Expert Joins the Growing Team at CSC

January 2014 – Clark Seif Clark Announces Merger with CSC Targhee

Newsletter 2013

December 2013 – Could Phthalates be in Your Indoor Environment?

November 2013 – OSHA Warns that Worker Exposure Standards are Out-of-Date

October 2013 – Building Science Experts Warn of Indoor Hazards following Historic Colorado Floods

September 2013 – Proposed Crystalline Silica Rule Could Save Lives and Prevent New Cases of Silicosis

August 2013 – Three Veteran Industrial Hygiene, IAQ & Environmental Professionals Join the Growing Team at CSC

July 2013 – Understanding Categories of Water to Properly Remediate Damaged Structures

June 2013 – New Rules Regarding Formaldehyde Proposed by the EPA

May 2013 – Homes Not Touched by Recent California Wildfires May Be Impacted by Smoke Particles

April 2013 – Clark Seif Clark’s Derrick Denis Elected as IAQA’s 1st Vice President

March 2013 – Study Links Exposure to Cadmium & Lead to Hearing Loss

February 2013 – Could Something in Your House Dust be Triggering Allergies or Worse?

January 2013 – Winter Season Creates Indoor Environmental Concerns for Many

Newsletter 2012

December 2012 – Environmental Experts Warn of Asbestos and Microbial Hazards following Hurricane Sandy

November 2012 – New 2012 HUD Lead Paint Guidelines that Replace the 1995 Edition Released

October 2012 – Phoenix Industrial Dust Explosion Sends Workers to the Hospital

September 2012 – West Coast IAQ Experts Identify and Resolve Office Air Complaints

July 2012 – Sewage Contamination in Buildings can Expose People to Microbial Toxins

January 2012 – Odorless Gases & Mold Closes California Medical Center

Newsletter 2011

December 2011 – Allergens from Indoor Plants & EIA-AZ Announces Board for 2012

November 2011 – California School District Battles Mold Again & Legionnaire’s Disease in Las Vegas

October 2011 – Lead Violations for California Home Rental Company & Norovirus Outbreak

September 2011 – Toxic Soil Leads to Lawsuit & Fungal Diseases Spread by Birds

August 2011 – Anthrax Risks Persist & California’s Indoor Air Quality Program Targets VOC’s

July 2011 – IAQ Consulting Firm Educates People about Aspergillus & Mold Closes Daycare

June 2011 – OSHA Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Mystery Mercury Spill

May 2011 – Mold in Schools & Formaldehyde in Hair Salons

April 2011 – Asthma and the Link to Mold & Crystalline Silica Exposure Can Be Deadly

March 2011 – Mystery Respiratory Illness at the Playboy Mansion & “Bomb Factory” House

February 2011 – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & Vermiculite Insulation

January 2011 – New Green Building Codes & Legionnaire’s Disease

Newsletter 2010

December 2010 – Thermal Imaging & PCB Dangers

November 2010 – Mold a Common Fixture & Corrosive Chinese Drywall