April 4, 2011 PRLog – An article in the February 2011 issue of Indoor Environment Connections (IEC) discusses the benefits and limitations of utilizing infrared (IR) cameras during IAQ investigations. Entitled “To Err is Human – Is to IR Divine?”, the article provides an in-depth look at how the technology has evolved and its many practical uses.

The article was written by Derrick Denis, V.P. of Indoor Environmental Quality at CSC. Mr. Denis has become a frequent guest contributor at IEC over the last several years providing real world insights into IAQ and environmental issues.

According to the article, “As far as IAQ tools are concerned, few are sexier than the infrared (IR) camera. IR cameras exude a certain 007, Star Trek, Mr. Wizard quality. They elicit a powerful WOW factor with both clients and passersby. Take for example the classic ‘thermal handprint maneuver’ where you touch a wall, remove your hand and show everyone the remnant heat signature.” The article goes on to state, “In addition to being fun, IR cameras are invaluable diagnostic and investigative instruments. These specialized cameras are used by a variety of professionals such as fire fighters, military personnel, refinery operators and more. IR cameras are now among the common tools you’ll find in the kits of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) professionals including energy auditors, restoration firms, industrial hygienists, HVAC technicians and building inspectors.”