Health & Safety: Informational Videos

OSHA Citations – Top 10 for 2016

Tuberculosis (TB) – Mycobacterium tuberculosis & How It Spreads

Indoor Mold – Allergen, Irritant, Asthma Trigger and Potential Fungal Pathogen

Antimicrobial Resistance & Environmental Pathogens

Asthma – What is in the Air You Breathe?

Beryllium – New Rule to Protect Workers from Occupational Exposures

Solvents & Exposure Concerns

Gasoline – Occupational & Environmental Exposures

Air Quality Index (AQI) – What It Means For You

Manganese – Occupational & Environmental Exposures

Air Ducts – Tips to Prevent Contamination

Welding Fumes & Exposure Concerns

Antimony – Occupational & Environmental Exposures

Ice Arenas & Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Industry Certificates of Training vs. Accredited Third Party Certifications

Winter Indoor Air Quality Tips

Chlorine & Exposure Concerns

Respiratory Protection for Workers

Wood Smoke Exposure & Your Health

Cobalt & Cobalt Compound Exposure Concerns

Drinking Water Contaminant Categories

Hair Salons & Formaldehyde Exposure Concerns

Aspergillosis & Moldy Indoor Environments

Backyard Poultry & Salmonella Exposure Risks

Particulate Matter (PM) Pollution & Your Health

1-Bromopropane (1-BP) & Occupational Exposure Concerns

Noise & Occupational Exposure Risks

Methylene Chloride & Occupational Exposure Concerns

Superbugs: CDC’s 2013 List of the Biggest Drug-Resistant Threats

Hydrogen Peroxide & Exposure Concerns

Ethylene Oxide & Occupational Exposure Concerns

Formaldehyde Exposure in RVs, Mobile Homes & Travel Trailers

Zika Virus & Occupational Exposure Risks

Copper – Occupational & Environmental Exposure Concerns

Mold – EPA’s 10 Things You Should Know about Mold

Asphalt Fumes & Occupational Exposure Concerns

Beach Home Maintenance & Indoor Environmental Quality

Ticks & Lyme Disease

Carbon Monoxide Hazards & Boats

Lightning Strikes, Property Damage & Indoor Environmental Quality

Asbestos & Secondhand Exposure

Laundry Room – Fire, Water & Mold Prevention

Methane & Exposure Concerns

Water Leaks, Termites & Mold

Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance & Indoor Air Quality

Urban Gardening & Lead Exposure Concerns

Eyewash Stations & Potential Microbial Contamination Risks from Improper Maintenance

Rodent Infestations, Property Damage & Indoor Environmental Concerns

Diacetyl Workplace Exposure Concerns

Perchlorate & Potential Exposure Concerns

Hailstorms, Property Damage & Potential Indoor Environmental Concerns

Sewer Gas and Exposure Concerns

Spring Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Home

Smoke Damage – After the Fire

Cat Allergens and Your Indoor Environment

Sewage Contamination, Property Damage & Exposure Concerns

Lead Exposure Risks in the Work Environment

Natural Gas & Exposure Concerns

Pneumonia – Things You Should Know

Pros and Cons of Carpeting Your Indoor Environment

Furnace Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality

Nanomaterials and Occupational Exposure Concerns

Flood Risks & Property Damage

Water Heaters, Water Damage & Mold

Are You Allergic to Your Dog? Tips to Minimize Allergy Symptoms

Fire Safety & Indoor Air Quality Holiday Season Tips

Allergies & Simple Steps for a Healthier Home

Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Treated Wood in Homes & Playgrounds

Acetone & Exposure Concerns

El Nino – Preventing Water Damage & Mold

Lead Poisoning – Possible Signs & Symptoms in Children

Attached Garages & Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Wind Damage, Moisture and Mold

Styrene and Exposure Concerns

Fall Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Home

Cyclospora & Infection Risks

Coal Dust Exposure & Black Lung Disease

Propane & Exposure Concerns

Cyclospora & Infection Risks

Occupational Allergens

Vacation Homes – Things to Consider Before Leaving

Lead in Drinking Water

Pneumococcal Disease & Streptococcus pneumoniae

Water Damage – Common Interior Sources