CSC performed initial scope for the removal of potential asbestos and lead-containing building materials in an abandoned structure.  The Public Agency was in the process of demolishing all abandoned structures at a remote offsite facility.  After completing the initial assessment, CSC reported that the window putty contained asbestos in addition to other structural components, and that several pipes and roof locations were contaminated by lead-based paint.  CSC also conducted abatement oversight and provided final clearance services following the removal of the previously identified ACM and lead-based paint building materials. 

For this project, services provided by CSC included:

  • Attending pre-bid and pre-construction meetings
  • Conducting initial review of contractors submittals
  • Performing initial assessment of ACM and lead-based paint.
  • Performing abatement oversight, air monitoring and documenting regulatory compliance
  • Providing suggestions for redesign of abatement methods being employed by abatement contractor
  • Performing final visual inspection following abatement
  • Collecting clearance samples following the abatement
  • Generating clearance reports and close out documents for each project phase

Schedule:  CSC received a request from the client to perform this project, along with preliminary project document information for review.  This project was performed in phases; the first phase was the initial assessment and the second phase was abatement monitoring and final clearance. 

Final clearance report and close out documents were generated and delivered within approximately one week of completion for each phase. 

Project Outcome:  Initial project design called for this work to be performed under full containment. After reviewing the methods being employed to perform the abatement activities and review of the air sample results of the first few locations, CSC suggested that the abatement approach be modified.  CSC provided suggestions in the redesign of the abatement approach to include the following approach:

  • Set up the work area using tape.
  • Place drop cloths on the floor of the structure.
  • Remove ACM window putty and immediately bag or wrap in poly enclosure.
  • Remove lead based paint, wrap in poly and dispose of appropriately in hazardous waste labeled dumpster.