On behalf of the Riverside County Transportation Authority, the right-of-way acquisition consultant engaged CSC to conduct approximately 75 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and 12 Tier 2 Vapor Encroachment evaluations over an eight-month period. By organizing the work in three phases and clustering the target sites, CSC greatly increased the efficiency of the process, which enabled our client to reduce costs significantly.

On behalf of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, staff conducted an area-wide study of 200 parcels as part of its Brownfields Pilot program over a 12 month period. The findings contained in the staff reports enabled the client to prioritize the next phase of the program. The programmatic goal was to encourage development of underutilized land and assist land owners of contaminated property in obtaining loans for cleanup of polluted soil and groundwater in 11 Cities located adjacent to the I-710 Freeway.