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Articles 2018

Identifying Asthma Triggers at Work and in the Home -3/7/2018

Articles 2017

Property Damage and Mold Contamination Often Left Behind Following Natural Disasters-11/15/2017

Identifying and Preventing Exposure Risks to the Growing Number of Superbugs-10/12/2017

Preventing New Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in Health Care Environments-7/17/2017

Dirty Air Ducts and Indoor Air Quality Issues for Building Occupant-4/3/2017

Occupational Hazards due to Exposures to Welding Fumes and Gases-3/1/2017

Articles 2016

Identifying and Mitigating Particulate Matter Pollution Exposure Risks-12/1/2016

PCB-Containing Caulk Found in Many Homes and Buildings-10/10/2016

PERC Exposure Risks Due to Vapor Intrusion and Other Pathways-7/5/2016

New Workplace Crystalline Silica Requirements Begin this Month- 6/1/2016

Articles 2015

Preventing Common Sources of Water Damage and Mold Growth-10/7/15

Mold in Classrooms a Problem for Some Students and Faculty as the New School Year Begins-9/1/2015

Thousands Evacuated and Countless Homes and Businesses Threatened by California Wildfires-8/5/2015

TCE Exposure Risks Due to Vapor Intrusion & Other Pathways-2/10/2015

Articles 2011

California’s Indoor Air Quality Program Targets VOCs-7/19/2011

Leading Building Sciences Firm to Present at the AASBO Conference-7/19/2011

California Air Pollution Control District Reminds Residents about Asbestos Testing Requirement-6-28-2011

Infrared Expert from Clark Seif Clark Discusses Thermography-4/4/2011

Vermiculite Insulation could be a Health Threat to Families-2/7/2011

IEC article -To Err is Human Is to IR Devine, Myths Regarding IR Thermography for the IEQ Industry – Derrick A. Denis of CSC – Feb 2011

IEC-01-2011 (DAD quoted in Wall Check Article, Teaser for IR Article

Articles 2010

Buildings with Vapor Intrusion Problems May Pose a Significant Risk to Building Occupants-9/30/2010

Denis-Anderson – Mercury Article – Sept. 2010

Denis, HEPA Article, IE Connections June 2010e

Restoration & Remediation Magazine (IAQA Installs New Directors & Officers) May 2010

FUSD article in the Florence Reminder 4-22-2010

IAQ Assoc. Installs New Directors & Officers (DAD elected to be a BOD VP) march 2010

Articles 2009

Denis, Top IEQ Issues, IE Connections Article Dec 2009

Dwell-Being Phoenix Magazine April 2009

Articles 2008

Walker Butte mold types listed as alergens… Remediation continues on schedule, Florence Reminder Nov. 19, 2008

Denis, Tools Article, IE Connections Oct 2008

Mold found at northern Pinal school Oct 24, 2008

DAD in 8-2-08 AZ Republic for Corona Del Sol

Articles 2007

AZ Republic article Outdoor air may be dirty, but indoor air can be worse June 2, 2007

Benefits of Applying Moldiness Index Abound 2007

DAD arizona-republic 06-02-2007

Articles 2006

Ahwatukee Foothills News 12-12-2006 article Nowhere to turn (with DAD Quote)

Articles 2001

Mold Homeowners are at odds with builders & insurers over who should pay to clean up ‘toxic’ varieties By DIANE WEDNERTIMES December 16 2001